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Since 1968


Aluminum Die Casting          Zinc Die Casting


KenWalt Die Casting Company is an American Die Casting Company in California USA  that manufactures high quality Aluminum Die Casting and Zinc Die-Casting parts using a unique Vacuum Die Casting Process to produce quality aluminium castings. The die casting process is commonly known as Aluminum Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting, Aluminium, Zinc, Zink, Casting, Castings, Diecast, Casting Process, Foundries, Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Die-casting, Metal Casting, Aluminum Casting, High Pressure Die Casting, Diecasting, Mold Casting, Pressure Casting, Zinc Casting, Foundry Casting, Die Casting Aluminum, Casting Zinc and Die Cast Parts.




There are many cost effective advantages of the Die Casting Process for producing your parts compared to other more costly and less effective manufacturing methods:

die casting companyDie Casting provides complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other mass production processes

die casting companiesDie Castings are produced at high rates of production

diecasting companyDie Casting reduces or eliminates machining costs

diecasting companiesDie Castings can be produced with thinner walls than other casting methods...and much stronger than plastic injection molded parts

die cast partsDie Cast Parts are durable, dimensionally stable and have the feel and appearance of quality

die cast toolingDie Casting Tooling and Dies can produce thousands of identical castings within specified tolerances before additional tooling may be required
zinc castingsZinc Castings can be easily plated or finished with minimum surface preparation

aluminum castingsDie Castings can be produced with surfaces simulating a wide variety of textures

diecast companiesDie Cast surfaces, as cast, are smoother than most other forms of castings

machining die castingsHoles in Die Castings can be cored, and made to tap drill sizes, thus eliminating or minimizing machining costs

prototype castingsEternal threads on parts can be readily die cast

aluminum alloysDie Castings provide integral fastening elements such as bosses and studs resulting in reduced or eliminated assembly operations and reduced costs

zinc alloysMetal inserts and some non-metals can be die cast in place

die cast alloysCorrosion resistance of Die Cast Alloys

casting porosityVacuum Die Casting dramatically reduces Casting Porosity
casting alloysDie Casting combines many functions of various parts into one simple die cast part, eliminating the costs of many parts and assembly labor costs - replaced by one low cost, high quality die cast part. And because die castings do not consist of separate parts fastened or welded together, you have one multi-functional die cast part with the strength of the die cast metal. In addition, eliminating the safety and legal hazards of relying on fasterners or welds for fit, form and function of your end product.

casting manufacturersDie Casting is an efficient, economical process which, when used to its maximum potential, replaces assemblies of a variety of parts produced by various manufacturing processes at significant savings in cost and labor


Aluminum Die Casting Machines, also known as Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines because the shot sleeve is located outside the molten metal furnace and at room temperature, can be classified as follows:





Fully Automatic Aluminum Die Casting Machines "automatically" perform the entire die casting process using an automatic shot, automatic sprayer and automatic extracter, without a die cast operator or any other manual labor.


Semi-Automatic Die Casting Machines perform a limited number of automatic functions, such as automatic ladling, spraying or extraction,  along with manual labor.


Manual Die Casting Machines are completely manual, meaning a die cast operator performs the ladling, spraying and extraction operations.




There are 3 basic procedures in the Aluminum Die Casting Process:

  1. Casting: The process of ladling or transferring molten metal from the furnace to the shot sleeve. This is done automatically using a computer controlled automatic ladler or manually by the die cast machine operator.
  2. Spraying: The process of spraying die release lubricants or liquids on both die halves before they close together and molten metal is injected. This is done automatically using a computer controlled die sprayer or manually by the die cast machine operator.
  3. Extraction: This is the process of removing the finished die casting from the die after molten metal is injected to form the casting(s). This is done automatically using a computer controlled extracter or manually by the die cast machine operator.


Zinc Die Casting Machines, also known as Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines because the shot sleeve is located inside the molten metal furnace, can be classified as follows:




Fully Automatic Zinc Die Casting Machines "automatically" perform the entire die casting process using an automatic shot, automatic sprayer, automatic quenching/cooling if needed, automatic drilling and tapping when required, and automatic extracter. No manual labor required.


Semi-Automatic Zinc Die Casting Machines perform a limited number of automatic functions, such as an automatic shot, and either automatic or manual spraying or extraction, along with manual labor.


There are 3 basic procedures in the Zinc Die Casting Process:
  1. Casting: The shot sleeve is located inside the molten metal furnace and  molten zinc is automatically injected into the die to form a casting. This is done automatically. No manual assistance required.
  2. Spraying: The process of spraying die release lubricants or liquids on both die halves before they are closed together and molten metal is injected. This is done automatically using a computer controlled die sprayer or manually by the die cast machine operator.
  3. Extraction: The process of removing the finished die casting from the die after molten metal is injected to form the casting(s). This is done automatically using a computer controlled extracter or manually by the die cast machine operator.


Die casting processes inject molten metal into the die cast die or mold under high pressure and result in parts with high casting integrity, uniformity, surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Zinc die casting is also called hot chamber die casting because the molten metal furnace is part of the die cast machine and the injection mechanism is already submerged in the molten zinc alloy metal. The hot chamber zinc die casting process is faster than the cold chamber aluminum die casting process because there's no metal ladling operation involved.


There are many Zinc Die Casting Alloys of which to choose. Zinc die casting alloys have exceptional physical and mechanical properties. The superior molten metal flow characteristics of zinc die cast alloys results in zinc die cast parts to be geometrically complex, high dimensional precision and thin wall designs. Zinc die casting also provides superior surface finishes that are can be readily plated with processes such as chrome plating.


Should Be Your Die Casting Products Supplier

die cast moldsdie cast toolingvacuum die casting

1. Smart Part Engineering
- Better Part Designs - Innovative Tooling Designs - Engineered for Cost Effective Manufacturing to Maximize Performance and Casting Quality while Minimizing the need for Secondary Operations! Take advantage of our Engineering Design Review Process to Optimize your New and Existing Parts...at NO COST to You!

2. Lower Tooling Costs - KenWalt Die Casting's 'Insert Only' Tooling Strategy reduces Die Casting Molds Costs, Permits Quicker Die Set-ups, Increased Efficiency, Lower Part Costs...and an Overall COST SAVINGS opportunity for you!

3. Lower Part Costs
- We utilize Advanced Die Casting Production Technologies such as Automatic Die Cast Machines, Automatic Ladlers, Robotic Die Sprayers and Vacuum Die Casting to Maximize Casting Integrity and Reduce Part Costs...New State-of-the-Art Technologies to insure you Stay Ahead of Your Competition!

Product and Service Benefits:

aluminum die casting Aluminum Die Casting
zinc die casting 
Zinc Die Casting
die casting company 
Die Cast Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Castings
die casting companies ISO 9001
Quality System Certified Diecasters

ITAR die casting companies ITAR Registered Die Casting Company
die casting companies usa NADCA Corporate Members
die cast design Die Cast Designs to Finished Products
aerospace casting Aerospace Castings
automotive casting Automotive Castings
commercial casting Commerical Castings
industrial casting Industrial Castings
medical casting Medical Castings
bathroom faucets Bathroom Faucets, Handles, Hooks, Covers, Hardware
die-cast cars Die-Cast Cars, Die Cast Toys
door handles Door Handles, Kitchen Hardware, Handles, Knobs, Flanges
die cast heat sink Heat Sinks, Pumps, Pump Handles, Rotors, Valves, Housings
fire alarm Fire Alarm Housings, Motorcycle Grips
power tools Power Tools, Golf Clubs, Putters, Fishing Lures and many more
iso certified manufacturers Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Federal & Military Specs
die cast company Rapid Prototype Tooling, Die Cast Molds, Moulds, Tooling & Dies

prototype aluminum casting Prototype Aluminum and Zinc Castings
vacuum die casting Vacuum Diecasting - Solid, Pressure Tight Castings
die casting process Automatic Ladling & Spraying Syste
die cast castings Special Cast Inserts
casting companies Mechanical Finishing - Tumble Deburring, Vibrahone Deburring
casting company Machining, Drilling, Tapping, Helicoils, Tapping, Broaching
diecasting company Chrome Plating, Painting, Powdercoating, E-coating
diecast company 
Chem Film, Alodining, Anodizing
die casting company los angeles Finished Products & Sub-assemblies

castings Assembly & Finished Packaging
dye casting First Article Inspection Reports, PPAP, FMEA & Control Plans
die casting aluminum Penetrant, Xray, Pressure Test Inspections
aluminum zinc alloys Material Certifications & Certificates of Conformance
diecast parts
Large & Small Parts
die casting company california High & Low Volume Production Quantities
prototype parts Prototype Parts

aluminum die castings Flexible Scheduling
zinc die casting companies Flexible Lead Times
zinc die casting Just-In-Time Inventory Management
die casting company california Just-In-Time Delivery

aluminum die casting companies
On-Time Deliveries
die casting company los angeles Internationally Competitive Prices
diecast company Prompt Personal Service

american die casting companies Made in USA die casting in usa

The KenWalt Advantage

Quality Assurance:
  KenWalt Die Casting Company is ISO 9001 Certified performs dimensional inspections using a CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) and other precise inspection equipment. We use die cast standard DME tooling made with high quality long lasting steel for extended mold life. Our Committment of Excellence to our customers makes us the best die casting company in the world.

Quality Service: Our professional sales and die casting engineers promptly solve part design issues and understand customer specific requirements by focusing on providing you exactly what you and your company need.

Competitive Prices: We always provide our customers with the most reasonable and competitive prices possible.

On Time Delivery: We deliver prototype die castings, die cast tooling and finished assembled die cast parts on-time when you need them.

Code of Ethics: It is a KenWalt tradition to maintain a high ethical presence in everything we do. Honesty and trustworthyness is the foundation upon which we have long been known to our many customers.

Professional Engineering: Our experienced engineers are highly qualified professional die casting engineers with many years of experience in the die casting industry.

Customer Satisfaction: KenWalt Die Casting Company meets customer needs better, quicker and more efficiently giving you a competitive advantage. Continual improvement is something we do every day.

Growth and Expansion: We've expanded our facilities and added Solar Power making KenWalt Die Casting Company the 1ST Die Casting Company in the USA to Go Solar! We will continue to grow and expand our facilities and capabilities in order to service our valued customers for many more years to come.

We Accept
ALL Electronic Drawing Formats

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Watch our Short Video
and Meet the KenWalt Team

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KenWalt Die Casting Company


die casting company Die Casting Design Engineer

aluminum die casting company Die Casting Quality Control

diecasting companies
 Die Casting Tooling Set-up

diecasting company
 Die Casting Operators

american die casting company Die Casting Sales Reps

If you have the skills, dedication and desire to be part of our team complete an application and fax, mail or Email us along with your resume.
Download Employment Application Here

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KenWalt Die Casting
In The Spotlight

Special Report

"Even the Most Traditional Manufacturers Going Green"

KenWalt Die Casting is honored to have received the prestigeous Manufacturing Leadership Award for being one of the Top 20 Manufacturers from the San Fernando Valley Business Journal as well as receiving a Certificate of Recognition from the State of California Assembly as one of the Region's Top Manufacturing Companies and in addition for being spotlighted in the newspaper's Current Edition Top Story Special Report on Manufacturing:

Solar Powered Die Casting Foundry

"KenWalt Die Casting, a very traditional industry, is using solar energy (alternative energy) to help power its facility in Sun Valley into the future."

"San Fernando Valley Business Journal Special Reports"

Largest Manufacturing
in Los Angeles CA US

Ranked by number of employees in the San Fernando Valley

2012 Manufacturers

2011 Manufacturers

San Fernando Business Journal


die casting aluminum

KenWalt Die Casting Company

die casting solar power

Die Casting Company

die casting zinc
KenWalt Die Casting Expands "Green" Facilities With Recycling and 'Solar Power'

Sun Valley, CA US

In line with our continuing commitment to make a positive impact in society and improve lives and our environment, KenWalt Die Casting Company is expanding upon it's 'Commitment to Excellence' by further reducing our environmental impact in our newly expanded offices, secondary facilities, new inventory facility and our Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting production facility.


"Energy conservation and recycling raw materials are two key factors in our energy conservation efforts to enhance our activities and improve lives and our environment. By recycling and reusing 100% of our aluminum and zinc alloy materials as well as pallets, packaging containers, filters and hydraulic oil used in our aluminum and zinc die casting process, we are making a big difference", says KenWalt's Quality Manager and Co-Owner Kenny Zaucha.


For years KenWalt has continued to implement energy conservation actions to conserve materials and energy, such as using energy efficient furnaces to melt aluminum and zinc alloys and reusing machine lubrication oils and die sprays. From turning off little used lights to early work schedules that avoid peek energy usage, KenWalt's employees, both individually and as a team, contribute to energy conservation and improving our environment.


KenWalt Die Casting Company installed a brand NEW 35.9 kW SOLAR SYSTEM thanks to the cooperation and efforts of TESLAA Corporation (TESLA), Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS), Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), and US  Government Tax Credit Incentives. Our new clean and renewable solar energy system will lower our aluminum and zinc die casting operating costs, enable us to remain competitive both nationally and internationally, continue expanding and creating more US jobs and enable us pass on those cost savings to our customers.

*1st of 395 Aluminum Die Casting Companies in the USA to go Solar based on preliminary research

die casting company in usa

KenWalt Die Casting Supplies China With Die
Castings Made in USA!

KenWalt Die Casting ships high quality, low cost die castings overseas to our customer in China!

Another example of how KenWalt Die Casting Company's knowledge, professionalism and experience produces cost savings and success for our customers in the USA and Overseas!

Hidden Costs of
Offshore Sourcing Die Castings

Made in Americ
Manufacturing Jobs Coming Home

Die Casting Companies Ask KenWalt for Help!

An example of what another die casting company had to say about us:

" Thank you so much for the sample parts..We hope the anodizing outcome will help our customer."

(One month later) "Just to let you know that the parts anodized beautifully. They (our customer) were happy with the results and we were awarded the contract.
I hope we are in a position to be as helpful as you folks were in getting this job. It's nice to know there are a few of us who work together left out there."

What some of our satisfied customers had to say about us:

"For us to continue a commitment of 98% on-time delivery for our customers, we must first receive this expectation from our vendors. Your performance has been 100%! All items shipped on-time with 0 defects. Amazing."


"Please thank all of your people for their efforts. The completed product delivered to us is beautiful. We foresee many more orders!"

"We are very grateful for the informative discussion and tour of your die casting facility. We were genuinely impressed with your helpful attitude, knowledge of business and ability to explain the casting process. Now we feel confident that our companies are in good hands!"

"Enclosed is a VCR tape we made of your casting in our x-ray machine. Porosity shows in these as white specs. As you can see from the tape, we couldn't find any in your product, so we have a winner here."

"I received a letter from our customer that awarded us with a "Preferred Vendor Status". We met our delivery schedule and the product is performing as expected. That could not have happened without KenWalt...following through and making sure we met our delivery schedules. Thanks, I've been asked to bid on the next contract."


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Toll Free: 1-800-KENWALT (1-800-536-9258)
Ph: 1-818-768-5800  Fax 1-818-768-0854
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